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Teacher of the Year
Year Recipient Location
2008 Sarah Short Goodland
2002 Kathryn Roberts Concordia HS
2001 Marty Casey Hutchinson HS
2000 Susie Dalton Pittsburg HS
1999 Arleen McKinney Labette County HS
1998 Deb Andres Council Grove
1997 Cynthia Kiser Parsons HS
1994 Deb Evans Fredonia
1993 Elissa Collins Erie HS
1992 Betty Allen Dodge City
1991 Joan Nigro Junction City HS
1990 Sharon Frankenbery Fredonia HS
1989 Elaine Ptacek Colby HS
1988 Betty Rust Fort Scott HS
1987 Nancy Bowden
1986 Dois Winteroth Norton JHS
1982 Mary Jo Harbour Manhattan HS