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KAFCS turns the spotlight on individuals, their experiences, and how they have benefited from KAFCS membership and/or family and consumer science programs. It offers an opportunity for you to share your story with your colleagues and the greater FCS community, inspire future FCS professionals, and strengthen awareness of the profession and association.

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Megan O'Boyle

Member Spotlight Megan OBoyle

I am in my 3rd year of teaching at Piper High School and I currently teach the Human Services Pathway. I am a one-woman show in the Piper District and teach all classes at all levels. I am the FCCLA advisor and have attended the state and national conferences the past two years. I also serve as the cheerleading coach.

What prompted you to join KAFCS…how long have you been a member? Describe your volunteer activities at the state and national levels.

As a freshman in college I was looking for ways to get involved in my department and my advisor, Cris Elliott, urged for me to join. I have been a member of KAFCS for 7 years - 4 years as a student and 3 as a professional. While in college I served as the KAFCS President at Pittsburg State University. I have been involved with the planning and presenting at UAC in Wichita and participated in a poster presentation at National Conference. I am now serving as the President-Elect for KAFCS. I have attended 3 national conferences including the conference this past summer in Jacksonville Florida.

What is the best part about belonging to a professional organization such as KAFCS?

What I love the most about being involved in KAFCS/AAFCS are the people I get to meet both at the state and national level at meetings and conferences. All of us do great things and it is so nice to hear what others are doing and take back new ideas to my state, programs and school.

What is the best part of working in an FCS professional setting? What is the greatest source of job satisfaction for you?

I love teaching kids things that they will use every day for the rest of their lives. I love being that one class a day a student says they really enjoy and learn useful things for right now and the future. Relevancy is powerful. Many kids don’t get those experiences at home and I feel the skills I teach and knowledge I give them can and will be used.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as an FCS professional? How did you handle that situation?

My biggest challenge overall would be that I am the only FCS professional in the entire district. It makes it harder to collaborate with others (although I still do through the power of email and the internet!) When there is a student with an issue, hungry, family problems, committees to serve on, pathway work & meetings to attend I am the lone soldier. It can be a lot of extra work and stress.

A little more about Megan…

I enjoy baking cakes and have my own little side business when I find the time to do it! I also play the cello in the summers and assist with school plays. I would love to see KAFCS grow as an organization where FACS teachers and professionals of ALL ages can come together and share ideas, grow professionally and make connections.

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