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Megan OBoyle
  • Megan O'Boyle

Major Responsibilities

  1. Serve as a voting member of the executive council at all local and national (meetings).
  2. Provide leadership to the KAFCS executive council.
  3. Serve as ex-officio member of the KAFCS Foundation.
  4. Represent KAFCS in cooperative activities and events, including state and national meetings.
  5. Work with KAFCS board to determine action plan goals.
  6. Oversee the identification of voting delegates for AAFCS, making sure that Kansas has two representatives.
  7. Submit all required affiliate reports/communication to AAFCS.
  8. Appoint an auditing committee and serve as deputy treasurer.
  9. Appoint all committees and member vacancies if so created.
  10. See Bylaws Article V Section 1 for more details.

Timeline: (Tasks to be completed per month)

  • June
    • Meetings
      • AAFCS Annual Conference
      • Executive Council Meeting
    • Tasks
      • Attend AAFCS as a KAFCS voting delegate.
      • Continue to learn President's budget for year (See February for proposed expenses).
      • Lead the KAFCS executive council meeting.
      • Share work goals with Executive Council.
      • Determine Role of President-Elect in implementation of action plan goals.
  • July
    • Tasks
      • Work on action plan goals (as needed).
  • August
    • Tasks
      • Attend United Associations Conference planning meetings (as called).
      • Complete action plan and submit to AAFCS.
      • Submit article for fall e-news/website to secretary.
  • September
    • Tasks
      • Affiliate Action Plan due to AAFCS September 1.
  • October
    • Meetings
      • KAFCS executive council conference call
      • E-news/website communication to membership
    • Tasks
      • Prepare officer report for October executive council conference call.
      • Lead KAFCS executive council conference call.
      • Follow-up with President-Elect about Fall AAFCS Leadership Workshop.
      • Arrange for January executive council conference call.
  • November
    • Tasks
      • Continue to work on action plan goals.
  • December
    • Tasks
      • Appoint Auditing Committee (only done when a new treasurer is coming on).
      • Submit article for winter e-news/website to secretary.
  • January
    • Meetings
      • KAFCS executive council conference call
      • E-news/website communication to membership
    • Tasks
      • Attend UAC planning meetings (as called).
      • Lead the KAFCS executive council conference call.
      • Work with President-Elect on process to set action plan goals for following year.
  • February
    • Tasks
      • Submit officer report for March meeting (UAC).
      • Determine how to recognize executive officers from the past year.
      • Write "Letters of Recognition" to recognize members work as appropriate.
      • Prepare agenda for UAC Assembly.
      • Prepare President report to share at UAC Assembly.
  • March
    • Meetings
      • United Associations Conference
      • KAFCS executive council meeting; KAFCS General Assembly
    • Tasks
      • Attend UAC.
      • Promote AAFCS Annual Conference attendance.
  • April
    • Tasks
      • Complete and send Action Plan Report to AAFCS.
      • Submit article for summer e-news/website to secretary.
  • May
    • Meetings
      • E-news/website communication to membership
    • Tasks
      • Action Plan Report due to AAFCS May 1.
      • Submit news article for newsletter/website.
      • Submit officer report for June meeting.
      • Sign new authorization form for financial accounts as president. (Form provided by treasurer).
  • Other