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KAFCS Executive Council Meeting - September 25, 2013 Download

KAFCS Executive Council Meeting
Conference Call 3:00-3:30
Sept. 25, 2013

Carol Werhan welcomed and called the meeting to order.

Members attending - Carol Werhan, Duane Whitbeck, Sharolyn Jackson, Jan Stephens, Cathy Mong, Beth Ireland

Minutes were approved as written.

Roberts Rules were suspended with a motion from Duane and a second from Beth.

The agenda was approved.

Officer Reports:
  • President – Written report emailed
  • President-Elect – Sally – absent no report
  • Secretary - no report
  • Treasurer - written report emailed
  • VP of Operations and Recognition - Shirley Voran – absent no report
  • VP of Communications and Membership - Beth Ireland – Web site updates will be submitted next month.
  • Counselor - Sharolyn Jackson- no report - Questioned who is on the foundations.
    It was decided that foundation members should be added to the website.
Committee Reports:

United Associations Conference - Cathy Mong – The theme will be United Association Conference—Resilient in the Heartland. KAFCS will be in charge of decorations at this time.


University Student Advisors and Students – Carol Werhan reported that PSU students have had two meetings. Philanthropy and professional development has been the focus. There are 25 participating.

KAFCS Foundation President – Jan Stephens reported that the meeting planned for today was postponed. The Foundation requests that a separate foundation tab be placed on the website. A photo and bio of the trustees will be posted. A letter requesting financial support will be sent to faithful members who are no longer actively involved in other ways.

FCCLA Representative - written report emailed

Unfinished Business:

Marketing Family and Consumer Sciences—Mini Grants – The Mini Grant form was unanimously approved after a motion from Duane and a second from Carol. This process will be revisited yearly.

Duane reminded the group that there would likely be a need to approve items by email.

New Business:

AAFCS is reorganizing. Information will be included in the fall newsletter.
PSU students will fulfill the KAFCS this responsibility at UAC by taking care of the decorations.
No other assistance is needed


There will be a November conference call.