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KAFCS Foundation Minutes

KAFCS Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting - August 2, 2013 Download

KAFCS Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting
August 2, 2013
United Methodist Church
Main & 6th Streets, Eureka, KS

Attending: Jan Stephens, Marie Blythe, Gayle Price, Beth Ireland and Duane Whitbeck
Attending by conference call: Carol Werhan, Karen Pence, Sharolyn Jackson
Absent: Shelby Muha, Sharon Frankenberry and Brenda Dooley

Call to order
President Jan Stephens called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m. Marie Blythe moved to suspend Robert’s Rules of Order. Beth Ireland seconded. Motion carried.

Minutes of the March 8, 2013 meeting
Duane Whitbeck moved approval of the minutes as distributed. Gayle Price seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report (Duane Whitbeck)
Duane Whitbeck summarized the treasurer’s report and answered questions from the Board. Investment account balance at Edward Jones was updated from $7,870.15 (June 28, 2013) to $8,121.17 (August 2, 2013). Beth Ireland moved to accept the report. Gayle Price seconded. Motion carried.

Committee Reports
  • Marie Blythe will update the scholarship application.
  • Beth Ireland will work with Janet Holden to get the updated application and rubric on the KAFCS website by late fall.
  • Duane Whitbeck and Karen Pence will promote the scholarships to students at their respective institutions.
  • Applications will be submitted electronically to Jan Stephens (Board president) by specified date.
  • Applications received by specified date will be distributed to all Board members for review. The Board will select recipients at a conference call meeting held prior to the United Associations Conference (UAC).
UAC Foundation Event
  • Marie Blythe and Gayle Price will coordinate the event.

Old Business

New Business
Action needed from reports
Treasurer’s Report: 2013-14 Budget
Marie Blythe moved to amend the budget proposal with the following changes.
  • Reduce the AAFCS Annual Conference Awards to support student attendance at AAFCS.
    Change from: $2000 ($200 per student with a limit of ten students)
    Change to: $1000 ($200 per student with a limit of five students)
  • Reduce total planned expenditures. Change from: $4110
    Change to: $3110
  • Increase total planned income
    UAC Foundation event – increase planned income from $300 to $400
    UAC Silent Auction – increase planned income from $500 to $700
    Change from: $800
    Change to: $1100

Beth Ireland seconded. Motion carried.

Gayle Price moved to approve the budget as amended. Marie Blythe seconded. Motion carried.

Nomination and election of president-elect
Beth Ireland nominated Karen Pence for the office of president-elect. Duane Whitbeck seconded. Motion carried.

Suggestions for potential Foundation trustees to be elected in Spring 2014
Six names were suggested. The top three candidates were ranked for contact to determine willingness to serve.

2013-14 areas of emphasis and committee assignments
  • Scholarships and AAFCS Student Awards: the Board serves as the committee. Duane Whitbeck is the Pittsburg State University campus contact. Karen Pence is the Kansas State University campus contact.
  • UAC Events (silent auction and evening social): Marie Blythe, Gayle Price
  • Fundraising/Marketing: Marie Blythe, Jan Stephens

Additional Discussion
Recommendation: include information about the UAC evening social in the UAC registration.
Recommendation: invite Katy Uplich, KAFCS/KAFCS Foundation treasurer-elect to participate in KAFCS Foundation meetings to facilitate treasurer transition.
Discussion: dispense with trustee notebooks and transition to archiving records (agenda, minutes, and budget) on KAFCS website.
Discussion: maintain three years of records in trustee notebooks. The president will keep complete archive.
Request for each board member: provide ten stamps to Marie Blythe (fundraising/marketing) for mailing to members who do not use email. She has drafted a letter to current and past KAFCS members outlining support for the KAFCS Foundation as a way of honoring those who established the foundation, retirees and others.
Recommendation: reinstate “Wall of Honor” on the web.
Recommendation: channel all KAFCS web suggestions for Janet Holden through Beth Ireland.

Schedule next meeting/conference call
Carol Werhan will send a Doodle in September to determine a November date for a conference call meeting for both KAFCS Board and KAFCS Foundation Board.

The meeting adjourned at noon.

Karen Pence, secretary

KAFCS Foundation Minutes - March 8, 2013 Download

KAFCS Foundation Minutes
March 8, 2013

Attending: Marie Blythe (Foundation president), Gayle Price, Anna Mae Brown, Beth Ireland, Brenda Dooley, Jan Stephens (Foundation president-elect), Duane Whitbeck (Foundation treasurer), and Carol Werhan.
Not present: new trustees – Sharon Frankenbery and Shelby Mula
Karen Pence (secretary)

Marie called the meeting to order at 7:10, in the Sedgwick County Extension Education Center. Gayle moved to suspend Roberts Rules of Order. Jan seconded, the motion passed.
Jan volunteered to make minutes in absence of the secretary.

Minutes of the Feb. 19 conference call were reviewed. In that call, scholarship selections were made which will be recognized at this UAC. The application for the First Timer travel grant to AAFCS will be posted on the KAFCS website. Timing for awarding the scholarships to AAFCS for students was discussed.

Duane gave the treasurer’s report. Due to the current financial situation, Foundation has been given the authorization by KAFCS to make decisions concerning the future of the Foundation. $800-$900 income is projected from UAC fundraisers. The checking account balance is $4179.97. Duane estimated that without any additional income, money would need to be transferred for next year’s expenses. Beth moved, and Brenda seconded to accept the report from the treasurer.

Committee reports
Scholarship – Duane reported that 2 student scholarships would be awarded, 1 each to KSU and PSU. There were 4 PSU applicants and 2 KSU applicants. UAC Event – Gayle reported the event was well attended with 32 professionals and 22 students; there were many positive comments on the train journey theme. Beverly Dunning, Lindsey Shirley, Gayla Randel, Jan Wissman, and Duane Whitbeck shared their stories of their career journeys. Silent Auction – Anna Mae reported that the bidding will end at 10:30, and items should be picked up before lunch. She thanked Foundation members for their contributions.

Old Business
Beth moved to continue the Silent Auction and Foundation Event at UAC next year as it has been. Duane seconded, the motion passed.
Anna Mae moved to award 8 students $200 each to attend AAFCS this year. The motion was seconded and passed. (This is to be reevaluated next year. History: 2012=3 PSU, 1 KSU; 2011=2 PSU, 0 KSU) Expected for 2013 are 5 PSU and 3 KSU students.
How to get notebooks from former trustees passed along was discussed. It was suggested that and how to have the information put on the website in a password protected link.

New Business
Brenda moved to decrease the scholarship amounts to $500 each for 5 years starting in 2014. Gayle seconded, and the motion passed. The appropriate changes will be made to the forms.
Brenda moved we suspend the freshman/sophomore level scholarship for 3 years starting in 2014. Beth seconded. After discussion Beth called for a division of the house and the motion passed.
Beth moved to recommend to KAFCS that that organization pay for the KAFCS awards presented at Annual Meeting. Brenda seconded and the motion passed.
Beth moved to recommend to KAFCS that student membership fees of $15 each be transferred from KAFCS to the Foundation to help support the student scholarships. Gayle seconded, the motion passed.

Brenda noted the need to promote the Hall of Fame list and have it posted on the website, as well as a formal communication with the membership about Foundation.

Gayle moved and Anna Mae seconded to adjourn the meeting.
The next meeting was tentatively set for June 7, with the KAFCS board meeting.

Acting secretary,
Jan Stephens