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Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Membership, Dues, Privileges

Membership shall consist of two categories, individual and organizational.

The membership of the Association shall have the opportunity to communicate and organize into divisions and/or professional sections. Divisions reflect the subject knowledge bases of the profession. Professional sections reflect the professional settings within which the profession is practiced. Members may affiliate with one division and one professional section as part of their basic dues structure. Action groups reflect timely issues in which AAFCS/KAFCS can assume a critical role. Members may serve on multiple action groups.

Individual members shall be designated as active, supporting associate, retired, pre-professional/graduate student, or honorary as defined in AAFCS bylaws Article VII. Dues for individual shall be the same as AAFCS as described in Article VII, Section 3, with the following exception:
A life member who became a life member before June, 1973 and has not paid state life membership dues shall pay state dues through the age of 62 and no dues thereafter. This amount shall be paid to the state treasurer and AAFCS shall be notified.

Membership privileges for active, supporting, associate, retired, pre-professional/graduate student or honorary members shall be the same as defined for AAFCS. Members shall receive KAFCS NEWSLETTER, the official publication of the Association, through electronic means unless printed copy is requested.

An organizational member shall be an organized group or business whose members are not eligible for individual membership in KAFCS. Such a group should have purposes in common with KAFCS and the organizational membership would result in mutual benefit for the two organizations. Annual dues for organizational members shall be established by the Executive Board.

All organizational members shall be sent an electronic copy of the official publication of the Association and additional privileges as may be established by the Executive Board.

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(Adopted 1977; Revised 1979,1980,1981,1984,1985,1988,1999,2005,2006,2007,2013)