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Teacher of the Year Award

The Kansas Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (KAFCS) Teacher of the Year (TOY) Award identifies and recognizes exemplary teachers who exhibit a deep commitment to the profession and the association. TOY awardees have outstanding educational programs that utilize methods, techniques, and activities, integrated into the curriculum, that provide the stimulus for and give visibility to family and consumer sciences elementary and secondary education.


Plaque sponsored by the KAFCS Foundation

Eligible Nominees

Must be employed as a full-time family and consumer sciences teacher of grades kindergarten through 12 at the time the nomination is submitted.

Must be a current member of AAFCS and must have maintained this membership for at least the past three consecutive years.

Recipients are eligible to receive this award more than once. The Award may be given a second time to an individual for an outstanding program and contributions as a teacher that are different from those for which the first award was given.

Program Focus

The objective of the Teacher of the Year Award Program is to stimulate the development of state-of-the-art programs that are both timely and newsworthy as well as to expand the focus of family and consumer sciences. Each nominated program should focus on one of the five following program areas:

  • Career Awareness / Job Skill Training
  • Consumer Education / Family Finance
  • Creative Dimensions / Alternative Program Designs
  • Family Life / Personal and Social Development
  • Nutrition Education / Diet and Health


  1. General Application Form for KAFCS Awards
  2. Teacher of the Year Nomination Format
  3. Two letters of support that provide evidence of the impact and importance of the nominee's contributions to students, families, and the community. Letters may be from supervisors, colleagues, parents, students, or community leaders.

Selection Criteria

Using a point-value system, the following criteria will be used to select the Kansas Teacher of the Year Award Recipient. The total maximum score possible is 100. The following criteria will be used to select the Teacher of the Year Award: (Refer to the AAFCS Selection Criteria section for a detailed description.)

# Description Points
1 Prepare the application to illustrate the program in a professional manner. 5
2 Display an exemplary level of professional commitment to FCS. 10
3 Identify specific goals and intended outcomes through this program. 8
4 Show that the program is sustainable and can be replicated. 9
5 Exhibit creativity, innovation, and cutting edge techniques in the program. 15
6 Use ingenuity and perseverance to obtain, maximize, and sustain funding and/or overcome obstacles or challenges. 5
7 Show the integration of family and consumer sciences with the subject matter focus and with other disciplines. 10
8 Influence the lives of students within and beyond the program. 8
9 Demonstrate that this educational program has had a relevant and timely impact on the students, school and/or community. 8
10 Increase the visibility, recognition, appreciation, and support of the profession within the community. 10
11 Currently certified in Family and Consumer Sciences (CFCS). 5
12 Current FCCLA Advisor. 4
13 Current Advisor or Sponsor of FCS Extra Curriculum Activities. 3

Nomination Format

Please provide the information below in chronological order using headings provided. Each page must have one-inch margins on all sides with typeface of 10-12 characters per inch. Times New Roman or Arial fonts should be used.

  1. Nominee's name
  2. Home address
  3. Telephone: Home, school, fax and email
  4. AAFCS membership number
  5. Length of AAFCS membership
  6. Name of school
  7. School address, phone, fax and Email
  8. Position/Title/Full-time, permanent family and consumer sciences teacher
  9. Grade(s) taught must be Kindergarten through grades 12
  10. Title of nominee's program
  11. Program Area Focus-list one only (refer to section on Program Focus)
  12. Identify colleges/universities the nominee has attended using the following format. (List most recent first.)
    • Degree
    • Major
    • Institution
    • Date Received
  13. Identify professional experience using the following format. (List most recent first)
    • Position
    • Employer
    • Dates
    • Function/Responsibility
  14. Professional/HonoraryActivitiesandAffiliations.
    • Organization
    • Years of Membership
    • Positions Held/Honors Received
    • Dates
  15. Was this program created by the nominee?
  16. How long has it been implemented by the nominee?
  17. Abstract: State the primary focus of the program and identify the issues/areas it was designed to address. Highlight ways in which the goals and intended outcomes have been and are being accomplished. A maximum of ten (10) typed, double-spaced lines can be submitted in response.
  18. Nominating Affiliate
  19. Nominating Affiliate Contact: Name, phone, fax, and Email
  20. Signature of the Nominee