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Martha Streeter New Achievers Award

The Martha Streeter New Achievers Award was developed to recognize emerging professionals who have exhibited the potential to make significant contributions in or through family and consumer sciences.


Plaque sponsored by the KAFCS Foundation.

Eligible Nominees

Any family and consumer sciences professional, with an earned degree in the field, who has completed at least 3 years of service to the field, but no more than 8 years of service to the field, and is an active member of AAFCS is eligible for consideration by a nominating group. Former recipients of the Martha Streeter New Achievers Award are ineligible.


  1. A maximum of four (4) pages can be submitted to provide information requested in the selection criteria. The supplemental materials must be presented in the exact order stated on the selection criteria and should address each of the criteria. In addition, a recent curriculum vitae/resume that has been updated within the past year must accompany the nomination along with a letter of endorsement.
  2. Nomination Materials check list:
    1. General Application Form for KAFCS Awards
    2. Selection criteria information and up to four (4) pages of supporting materials
    3. Curriculum vitae/resume
    4. Letter of endorsement

Selection Criteria

Using a point-value system, the following criteria will be used to select New Achievers recipients. The total maximum score possible is 100. The following criteria will be used to select the New Achievers Award:

# Description Points
1 Holds a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, or one of its disciplines. 10
2 Has contributed to the community through exemplary volunteer service using family and consumer sciences skills and background. 10
3 Is currently an outstanding professional in a traditional or non-traditional family and consumer sciences career. 15
4 Has conducted research that is particularly relevant to current issues or has applied research findings to enhance the lives of individuals, families, or communities. 10
5 Has been successful in obtaining funding for training, demonstration, or research projects. 10
6 Has initiated, developed, or participated in the development or implementation of an innovative program. 15
7 Has a publications record that reflects a significant level of professional responsibility such as having written: books; chapters in books or pamphlets; or, articles in major magazines or professional journals. 5
8 Has worked cooperatively as well as effectively with agencies and groups outside the family and consumer sciences community. 10
9 Has actively participated in AAFCS at state and national levels such as having served on committees, held offices, participated in annual convention activities, or been involved in section or division programs. 10
10 Currently certified in Family and Consumer Sciences (CFCS). 5