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Extension Award

The Extension Award honors outstanding Extension System programming, which enables people to improve their lives and communities through learning partnerships that put knowledge to work in family and consumer sciences programs. Program areas that are to be recognized include: nutrition, health and environment; human development and family resiliency; and, family and consumer resource management.


Plaque sponsored by the KAFCS Foundation will be awarded to a single individual or to a team of collaborating individuals.

Eligible Nominees

Family and consumer sciences professionals who have established a record of achievement or the potential for a record of achievement in Extension Service programming for either adults and/or youth are eligible for the award. The award will be presented only once to an individual or members of a team of collaborating individuals.


  1. General Application Form for KAFCS Awards
  2. Nomination format
  3. Letter of recommendation from the state leader of family and consumer sciences extension or other appropriate supervisor.

Selection Criteria

Using a point-value system, the following criteria will be used to select the Extension Award recipient. The total maximum score possible is 100. The following criteria will be used to select the Extension Award:

# Description Points
1 Provides research based information to targeted audiences based on identified need. 15
2 Reflects a multi-disciplinary approach to a complex issue. 10
3 Demonstrates innovative work, or an innovative adaptation of existing work. 10
4 Includes a policy education component that supports human well-being. 10
5 Identifies intended results using an appropriate evaluation strategy. 10
6 Can be modified or replicated in other settings and with other populations. 10
7 Enhances the visibility of the family and consumer sciences profession within the involved communities. 15
8 Is a collaborative effort designed to build coalitions and network with appropriate community agencies. 10
9 Is Certified in Family and Consumer Sciences. 5
10 Member of AAFCS. 5

Nomination Format

  1. Nominee Group/Individual's name
  2. Nominee Contact: Name, address, phone, email
  3. Program area (select one):
    • Nutrition, Health, and Environment
    • Human Development and Family Resiliency
    • Family and Consumer Resource Management
  4. Description of program which includes a situation statement, objectives, primary target audience, program delivery methods, program/evaluation/outcomes, and marketing strategies
    Note: not to exceed five (5) pages - typed, double-spaced, 1" margin on all pages, typeface 10-12 characters per inch
  5. Supplementary print materials such as brochures, programs, newsletters, etc. Up to three items will be accepted.
  6. Nominating Affiliate
  7. Nominating Affiliate Contact: Name, phone, fax, and email
  8. Signature of the Nominee